04 December 2012

A room filled with Body Canvases

Practice has been going well so far, i'm contented to have just enough assistance for my kumasana and deeper drop- back bendings ( which i can never did that myself at alone, not yet..!)

The yoga scene has been very interesting still, given the cold mornings; and rainy morning today, the heat in the shala is intense still. The wall is slippery wet and the windows are blurred by the condensation. My sweats are bursting out from my skin pores like usual, the air is heavy, with so many human heaters all around; the spirit and the energy are going strong!

Men practice topless, and females in their most comfortable yoga attire. Then as if i am walking through an art museum, ink work on body canvas. I remember while twisting to the right, there are "Aum" at any random person i laid my eyes on. As i did a upward dog, the person in from of me, has got a words in sanskrit says, " Ahimsa" ( non- violence).

Automatically, in my head, under my own breath, i trace the Sanskrit word, as what i learnt a little of my Hindi classes.. Ah- Him- Saa...oh...  that's non- violence. This all happened at just one deep inhale.... ( that how fast our mind can process information huh, interesting).

As i pulled back to downward facing dog, i brought myself back to my breaths again.
" Aum" is holds the champion of the most high usage. Almost most "modern yogis" will have this symbol somewhere on their body.

Next runner up is probably a verse from the yoga sutra 1.2 yoga citta vrtti nirodha ( Yoga is the cessation of the movement of the mind)

Would i get one for myself too? Never think about it yet... given i know how my fickle mind works, i'll probably regret inking my skin after a week. For now, i still like my body like a white sheet!

Nevertheless, i am looking forward to see the next creative body art in my next practice!

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