08 December 2012

Breathing beyond time

These days, i've been listening to different teachers sharing their thoughts on time; and concurrently i jut finish off a book about time ( The Time Keeper by mitch albom)... which makes all the little pieces of jigsaw puzzle making more sense.

A old music teacher who profession in Carnatic music;
Sharath, the teacher i'm practicing with here;
Laskmish, the teacher i attend for philosophy class...

A common point they mentioned all over again and again: Life beyond Time Frame.
The old music teacher mentioned how musicians today try to fit their songs and performances into the given time frame. When the music pieces are adjusted according to the rigidity of the time, the creativity part of the whole music creation disappears.

Similarly, both the yoga teachers pointed that one should practice not first build any time limitation for our own progression. As we travel beyond the hands of the time, we are in the moment, in the present. Neither fear nor hopeful for the future and past.

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