07 December 2012

Bhajan bhajan!

This week is gotta be interesting!
Along the way, i get to know a couple of more people through friends. Though we are not from the same practice shala, there's one thing that brought us together i thought... that's is Music!

First a friend who coming from singapore brought us to a Hindustani music perfomance by where one one her relative is playing the tablah. At the same time, then with one more other friend who are getting into a friendly bhajan competition, this sunday! They were looking for one more person in the group, and there i am, joining them!

I've listen to bhajan, but not sing them. So far so good, i can work my vocal a little maasala way!
We're gonna perform some popular ones: Guru Mata Pita, Krishna Go Vinda Go, and Hari Sundara...
i like them:)

And so, we sat down, from trying out and selecting the songs that we suit the three of us, and a crash course for me. Luckily, Laskshmi is a really great singer, phew! We too invited a pair of father & son, Ganesh and Bharat to accompanying drum beats. Everything should sounds pretty well, huh?

Really thankful for them squeezing there time out ( given how busy Anu's Hut can be), for our little rehearsal last night:)

Alrighto! Let see how the event on Sunday will work out!

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