07 December 2012

Fast Forward Practice

Yoga is 24 hours, 7 days. Yoga is not 1.5 hours of practice only. The practice does not stay within the four walls of the shala, it goes on outside the shala. Teacher Laskshmish had a discussion with us during the theory class.

Most of us started our yoga practice through physical movement, asana. And we thought that is what yoga is all about. He kept emphasizing that asana practice is just a tip of the iceberg, like what most teachers pointed out. Getting too caught up into the bodily practice, we become egoistic and competitive.

Teacher Laskshimish summed up clearly that asana helps releases body diseases, pranayama and meditation practices helps removes ego.  He gave a name for modern yoga practice in the society today “ Fast Forward Practice”. We want everything to come to us fast, we expect the teacher to provide all the information about the practice in one course, and using monetary as a transaction to shorten the actual learning curve.

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