04 July 2013

Fear is a lie. Be courageous for pain.

It is not my first time seeing my students being so afraid of getting back in touch with their old injuries. It is also that many times i was told that the doctors advices to keep the injured areas alone.
A short vacation to leave healing process of the body is good; but not for life.

Every time when i see how those advices can become a verdict for the student to paralysis part of their body function--- i am quite upset. But i'm definitely glad that they appear on the mat for alternatives. 

Today, in a private session, this student was almost brink to tears when she mentioned how useless she felt for not being able to utilize her body fully.
" Whichever that gives you pain when you use it, stop using it"--- i was like " What??!!" 
These words has not give her a better life since. 
Sometimes, i am very disturbed by how loosely health- care personnels can vendors their advices to patients. Avoiding pain is a head-start for fear to grow. Avoiding pain, is an easy way out that never solves any problem.

Pain, is not a negative. It is there for a reason, for whatever reason we may understand... we should not avoid it. Because pain has it ways to make fear take over us.

Fear, is a lie that never ever exist. Its all in the mind. 
Don't, be afraid of pain. If you understand pain, you'll understand how to heal it.
If you neglect it, pain will slowly erode your entire life. 

In yoga study, we are always encourage to lean towards the discomforts; to face it and do something about it. Face your own fear and dissolves them with courage. 
We are all brought into this world by our parents as perfectly as we should be. We all have the duty to take charge of our own health operations from the hands of our parents. If we don't, some others people is going to plant their fear in us, and paralysis our life. They have no right to do that.

I always believe that, so long as you can breathe, you have ample opportunities to path out a better life to be an unreasonably happy person!

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