22 July 2013

Keep moving, we just get better & wiser!

In most time, or i should say in all times... we have to learn our lessons before we know how to help others when they turn to us.

Nobody like difficult times, i never appreciate the bad times i was given to; i never want to receive it gracefully with my both hands. As we accumulate our footprints we are leaving behind on this earth, somehow we need to learn how to appreciate whatever that is thrown to us. 

I can't remember if i've ever mentioned it in previous post; but because each of our action does have the ripple effects, till today.
 Two years ago, i was sinking into a dark hole. From the outside, nobody's know... my classes were going on well, i was busy & i do get to do my traveling. From the eyes of strangers, i was the happiest person they met. But, somehow i felt a hole was barring inside me... and i was sinking into it.

In summary: Stagnant. I felt been walking on a plateau as long as i've just realized it. Wasn't comfortable with it at all.

I went to knocked on my teacher's door, had a long chat. He actually did asked many questions, and each question he raised, many other questions came pouring out of me. His words were too blunt for my ears at that time, and i couldn't understand him at all. 

It took my over a year, till recent months then i slowly understood what i should understand.
The interesting part is, when i've slowly figure out my puzzle... peers approached me to share their problems. And its the not same but similar issue i was facing--- i saw who i was in them. 

We all do caught into difficult times at some points in life, some more frequent than the rest, but that's OK. What's the worst going to happen than not able to breath, and wake up the next moment for a chance to set everything right? 
Whatever situation we had travelled to, its a good collection of lessons for our next step. And one day if someone comes to you for direction, you can share your "travel" experience. 

We just get better & wiser, not too bad after all!

Life may not be going well for you now, but as long as you are here,
as long as you press forward, anything is possible.
Hold on to hope.

~ Nick Vujicic

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