27 July 2013

Tracing facial lines with my eyes.

For those we know me well enough, I’m a girl that is growing a tree with questions. 
Most questions appear randomly in the morning right after I woke up.

Recently, I was wondering why all babies are born cute and beautiful, but only less than a handful of elderly expired beautifully?  At which point in our life that we stop growing our cute-ness and that we start to become less beautiful?

At which level in our growth we let go the grip of being angelic child- like & swing to the side of a monstrous adult?

I like to look at faces, especially facial lines. I like to trace the facial lines with my eyes; again and again. (If only I could touch it, I will…haha!) What has that particular person been or is going through in life, I wonder.

It does not take one or two times of an expression to form that deeply marked line. It has to be an intense repeated expressions for those line to develop clearly enough for my eyes to trace.

Our facial lines deeply engrave on our skin, is similar to the impressions by the things we do, or the so-called samskara in yoga terms.

 We are brought to this world which just a few basic facial lines. Lines that show when we laugh and cry, how simple!

But as we grow, how many people manage to keep a clean face (not referring to those who inject botox!); how many has vandalized their face full of lines…. of expressions or worrisome; of stress or anxieties.

I like to appreciate the facial lines of people, because it reveals their untold stories.

One day, look at yourself expression-less in the mirror;
Observe your revealing facial line, traced them with your eyes.

Imagine, the person you’re looking at is a stranger….

What story do you see from that person in the mirror?

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