05 July 2013

Some of my favorite moments:)

What are some of your favorite little moments?

I've quite a handful of them... that never fails to remind me the beauty of being alive at present.
I like the feeling of wearing my butt hugging sweat pants to work, also light fleeting dress on my off days.
I enjoying the freedom of my toes on flip- flops & too a well- cut sandals walking down Orchard Road.

I love to catch the moment of short surprises that my yoga practices gave me; as much as the muscles trembling during difficult times.

I always yearn to snuggle back to my cosy bed after nice shower, after my morning practice.

I savor stealing a moments of stare- blanks in between classes, sitting in Starbucks, sipping hot chocolate.

i do caught myself scribbling in a piece of paper, that didn't actually make much sense, but i love it.
I love looking at photos of turtles, which i don't know why. They make me feel relax, somehow.

I like sitting in a car for a long ride, just looking out for the passing scenery. I too love taking naps in a cab while traveling for the next appointment.

I love connecting with happy & opening minded folks. Top- it up with inspiring & uplifting conversations.

So, this are a few of my favorite moments. How about you?

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