24 May 2014

Face adversities. Expand perception.

Adversity forces us to expand our perception.

One who has the ability to perceive, has the ability to rise beyond the cloudiness and gain clarity in taking the next step. The eyes of perception goes through different layers-- its experiential, not from any book knowledge.

On one hand, i do get really upset when situation get difficult and sticky-- on the other hand, as time prolong, i am being direct to look at things is another situation that may be favorable to me.

Honestly, we do need the shit in our life to learn and grow.

A teacher once said ( i can't remember who): the journey uphill is not easy, but that's where you get the best view.

Jack Ma, a well-known entrepreneur from China, who started AliBaBa group;

Today, he was been seen in many TV programs and interviews of his success and shines are all publicize--- but how many people has got the chance to witness his darkest moments, his many times of failures and rejections he faced before he actually made it to the top today?

He once mentioned in an interview: Those who doesn't have the courage to face the negativities in life, will not know the way to success.

While in the tradition of Ashtanga Yoga practice, students are not encourage to talk or question. The only thing that we are required when on the mat is--- get down to practice. 

Sri K Patthabhi Jois had a very famous line " 99% practice, 1% theory".

This has comes to me in many different interpretation over the years--- With this sentence, i understand that each of us holds a unique path. We can be listening to the experience of others, reading the stories of others' life... but we can never perceive it unless it is our own experience. 

I remembered many times, i can be having a really bad shoulder pain, or the dull pain in my hip joints was happily staying on or even with a full body of aching muscles---

when i voiced out my many concerns about the practice and whether of my body can sustain through---- i would be slammed by a " no- concern" facial expression and a sentence.... " go and practice".

And, i am being taught to handle my own issues...  while students may tend to want the teachers to take responsible of their problems.

I am being taught to face my challenges with courage, though i am not at my optimized condition--- that's the reality of life, good or bad, life still goes on--- so does yoga practice.

What surprises me all the time, is how i actually manage to complete my practice, the aches had sort of dissolves along the way and those bugging pains seem to become peanuts and peas.

Probably that's how we define that yoga practices has the ability to " leave the world a better place than we first entered."

How beautiful or how ugly our world is--- depends on the ability to perceive what is in front of us.

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