03 May 2014

#100happydays, whats next?

Recently i realized there is this trend going on about being happy "deliberately"--- which i don't quite get the point.

The game started with a whole package of 100 days, and each day the participants will do the listed activities to prove they had accomplished that mission = they had a happy day.... #100happydays... familiar?  

The first question i thought was.... are you really happy, or just satisfied with the mission you'd accomplished upon showing it to the world on a social media?
Second question was... How does this " pseudo happiness" gonna last? Then what will happen on the 101th day? 

Third... Each task, is just gonna be done ONCE on that particular day? Its like a crash diet-- its not given enough time to incorporate into your lifestyle. Pretty sure you're going to ditch the plan after a day.

Pardon for my personal opinion i ranted out above, a lot of my friends around me are doing this--- i've not objection about that, just a strong view point on my individual side. 

Some says " fake it till you make it"...

Trying to be happy, is it really happy? Or is it an action to avoid the realistic emotion.

I strongly believe, that if one is really happy.... the amount of happiness is immeasurable--- not by number of days or numbers of activities. It just happens.

If one is upset and unhappy--- it is important to go through those aches and down-spiral realistically( i mean, that's life isn't it?) -- as a reflection of current situation, and probably making some changes about it. 
It is OK to be upset, its not something horrible to feel down.  

Else, creating " fake happiness" is just like sweeping all the trash under the carpet-- accumulating more issues and in the midst losing your real self too. 

I mean, this is too just my personal view. #justranting #readwithopenmind 

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