18 May 2014

Firstly. Roll out the mat.

18 May, 2014

Today marks the 5th anniversary for the passing of the late Sri K Pattabhi Jois-- a well known Ashtanga Yoga teacher in history.

I've never met him in person, in fact during my first trip to Mysore in 2009; we missed the chance of meeting him in person for by a couple of months.

However, i've heard so much about him & read a lot about his works of life. Though he'd left physically, his spirit is very alive in each of his students along the years he had been teaching. 

I learnt about him from the tongues of the many teachers that i got chances to study with--- i could see how their eyes beamed whenever they are recollecting memories of guruji ( as who they call Pattabhi Jois). The magic that had happened to them with guruji is still burning brightly--- continuing the baton to inspire the next few generations.
After hearing his life stories from various teachers, i totally salute to how he threw himself to complete faith; left home with that few pennies in his pocket, travelled few kilometers daily just to learn the knowledge of yoga from his guru ( krishnamacharya).

He must be a big rebel for his behavior, given the culture and practice back then in his time in India!

The beautiful thing that i appreciate from Ashtanga Yoga, is there nobody claim credits or owns or even trying to patent it.
Rooting from few thousands years of tradition, each teacher who are involve in this practice is keeping the lineage alive-- so that the future generations can benefit from this scared knowledge.

I like the idea of people just simply appear on their mat--- be it doing a home practice, or joining the crowds. 

I love seeing people walking into the studio and rolling out their mat--- whether rain or shine, clear or hazy sky--- they may be feeling happy or upset, no matter how life has been treating them--- just roll out the mat first.

As the mat spreads out, we choose to open doors--- we want to work things out--- we desire to figure out the mess inside us--- we decided to be clear of our identity--- 

we take responsibility of whatever has been happening to us--- we are open to face any dilemma that shows up within us--- we learn to grow up and have fun---

we choose not to hide and suppress our emotions--- we want to be brave enough to face uncomfortable emotions--- we are ready to work our ass off and build our empire of joy!

As warned by some practitioners who has been doing the second series, how emotionally crazy the one can experience as the practice progress. 

While i've sort of finally learn to manage a little more of those emotions exploding from kapotasana ( thanks to the super prying open of the heart centre)--- i recently keep having this dull and upset emotions while being bind into the Yoga Nidrasana  ( the total opposite of kapotasana anatomically). 

Once i even had to pause my practice, sat down and cry my heart out--- and subsequently the sadness will appear whenever i'm in that pose.
I hope i can get through this phase soon, it feels just terrible!


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