30 April 2012

Kino in town:)

Last year we have David Swenson, and this year we've Kino Macgregor in Singapore. Great for the ashtangis here!

Those where the days when I only get to hear them in podcast, watch them on YouTube and read about them on Yoga Journals. Being able to learn in person, is amazing!
Alright, Kino is probably not only me, but many people's idol. Besides the super-packed studio for her workshops, I prefer the morning Mysore practice-- where it's keep to a maximum of 15 people at any one time.

As we learn new techniques, there are areas we need to re-look into, and re-conditioning of the muscles, to have a more effective practice.
First two days was great, coming to the third day, the area of soreness is spreading.

Amazingly, i started to feel some teeny weeny muscles, there probably has been sleeping for a long time. And now, could not help but to feel the aching each time I move.

The back bends or drop back is a killer. The intensity of the back bends purged out half of my energy. When that last few strong exhales, I sprang up and the only thought was "i need a cup of chai...!"
Just like how iPhone runs out of battery that fast, and need a recharge.

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