16 April 2012

Yoga teaching: The Mix and Match

It's always so interesting to hear how students trying to describe their experience, of that connection with themselves. Loss of words, usually the case. But that's a good thing, so long as they are smiling.
I was having a class with this client, the most active pregnant lady i've seen--- happy, cheery and chirpy. Given her growing belly, she always request for a more dynamic practice. She didn't like slow stretches and long breathing.

Once, bothered by her work, her mood was rock- bottom--- stress has taken over her sleeping hours. While walking up the stairs, giving her some time to pour out her troubles; i was thinking of what can i offer to make her feel better. So at least she can get a good sleep in the night.

Instead of giving her favorites challenging physical movements, she was led into a long long breathing practice and followed by a long relaxation. She smiled, for getting a good rest even in that short time; that even the thoughts were still running in her head, but she catches none of those. But she had found a solution to her work problem.

Ironically, the thing we do not prefer to do, are something can really come into use when thought they are not of use. Sometimes, i thought, being a teacher to a student, at that period of time, what can i offer to make them a better person?
Yoga offers so many methods, scientifically, to counter the possible problems that can happen in this universe.  Picking those methods from what i have collected and learnt, and matching to the problems that arises.
Giving what's good for them instead of feeding what's nice for them.


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