22 April 2012

Proclaim to reclaim: Fear & Power

I saw this line by Robin Sharma: We reclaim our power by doing what we fear.

Sometimes i think fear is this really irritating, that knows itself as a powerless little creature. In order for it to feel powerful by making others feel smaller. Not because fear has gain any power, it just that it mange to make others feel powerless.

When we choose to ignore fear, hide it or at least keep out of our sight--- fear doesn't seems to go away by itself. It appears in different forms, creeps into us with different approaches, in different situations--- throughout changes.

As we travel through days and time of our life events, fear touch us in various ways. Like a bully in the school--- sometimes they punch us in the face, or even being verbal and mentally abusive. Fears are like the bullies, they make themselves feel "powerful" only through putting their fear into others.

I can be fear-less towards many things, and i am too fear of many. I tried to ignore, or keep far away from me, that i don't even have a chance to accidentally touch it. But, it doesn't go away any further from me either. The biggest fear is when it run after me, at point when i'm not even ready to handle it.

Suffering in silence does no good to anyone. Shouting into the fear does.
Step into the seed of ego and burst it like a balloon, as it vanish into the thin air.
Fighting fear is like muay thai-ing with the bully--- shout, fight, struggle, cry and bleed over it, never stop struggling to breathe the lightness of freedom.

Instead of doing things out of fear, why not--- do to dismiss that fear?

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