01 May 2012

Fear is Contagious

Finally, i am fulling one promise to myself- to learn diving. I've been keeping this little promise to myself for two years, before it is happening. So, we have two classes in the swimming pool learning for an hands on of how the whole thing works before going to the open water. Besides the excitement of the course, it was so interesting to see how fear can push us down, immediately.

One of my friend, was struggling in the water, probably drank some mouthful of water through both the mouth and water shot up into the nostrils. Jumped out of the water, almost tearing and told me, " I don't think i can do this. i want to give up the course." Soon after, the next person said the same thing.

For a moment, i thought... What?! Is fear contagious?
Yes, fears can be contagious. When the energy vibration we radiate, the people around us feel it too. And may get affect by it. Just like how common flu can spread from one to another, fast!
With a strong immunity system ( mind and body), you may not get into any of these ( fear and flu).

Have you ever hear people told you not to do something, by injecting their fear into you? Or people putting wet blanket on you, discouraging you just because they themselves failed to do so. I'm sure you have!

I used to have many people telling me not to do the things i wanted, because they did not fulfill it themselves. Initially, i was so annoyed, almost ( almost... but i did not!) wanting to tell them " You can't do it, that's your business. Don't poke into mine." That's really mean, i know!
Because, i know that these people are going to drag others too, living into the same circle of fear with them, so they feel secure, that's even meaner!

Slowly, i get lesser of people trying to input their nightmares into my dreams. Its not that they are not around, they are still there...  instead I'm learning to take a more positive angle approach. Fear come about as a test, to see how much strength we have to hold on--- to others that particular fear, whether its in me or in them--- is totally invalid.

My teacher master Paalu, once mentioned that suppression does not solve any problem. Suppression of fear is just mainly trying to push it down and hide it. Its a matter of them of us being swallow by it. Turning the situation around, taking it for self- improvement, releasing the pressure, and find that fear its not longer around!

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