03 May 2012

Mind-shut-down experience

Keeping the best thing to the last. The last day of practice with Kino... Somehow just flashed by. Too quickly.

Drop- back has been one of my favourite area of exploration. And it marks the end of the series before the cooling down.

For the past days, Kino assisted us in dropping- back ( a backbend in ashtanga). Every practice, every bend, was increasing intensity. Today, I experienced yet another level "mind-shut-down".

She did the usual adjustment, as I've already prepared mentally and to manage it. And suddenly she said, " climb up". That was not part of the usual game. Hanging back upside down, with so many things already going on to prevent myself from falling. That one foreign command was not helping.

Kino gripped my arms one at a time, I just kept breathing hard ( that's all I can think of)... The next thing, my spine was further extended. Ok.. Se went counting 5,4,3,2,1... And I literally sprung up!

Cool! I've never felt that before... It's a crazy feeling. Everything happened so fast, that my mind wasn't even working fast enough. The interesting part is, there no bit of frighten or distrust ( of myself and the teacher) that I would get injured. Maybe that's what we've always been talking about of the language of the heart.
Sometimes, it just have to catch us so unprepared, and unexpected-- to shut the mind down, and let the words of the soul flows.

Everything is ok, no problem!

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