03 December 2016

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  Happy to be back in Mysore, as always:)

Weather is getting more cooling; taking my time to daze off & people watch;
And Uber ride is everywhere!
[ > ] [ II ]  [ > ]

I didn’t feel as relax as my previous trips; rather I feel more grounded than before. 
My mind is still hyperactive, body filled up with accumulated tension and my patience wasn’t too ready to be patient.

But I have to say; I am enjoying quality sleep, without having to battle with the alarm clock at least!
 My current read: [Un- Train Your Brain] by Mike Weeks. 

Last night, flipping through pages, he highlighted a question
[What’s so good about being right all the time?]

I stopped at this page and ponder for a while… maybe not a while, overnight.

Putting this idea into context, haven’t we been around with people,
Constantly trying to be right about everything?

It is a social standard.
It is a security driven statement.
It is narcissistic.
It is a full- stop.
It is a denial.
It is rigidity.

Of course, I do catch myself in situations and debates of trying to be right, just for the sake of saving my ego. And thinking back, it was just so silly!

So then, what’s NOT so good about being right all the time?

Well…. Self- limitation kicks in.
We become less willing to understand or check out other options. We stop to discover alternatives & new ideas.

And this, by shutting the door of being right, it is already a losing game.

Sometimes, it is good to [pause] for a while, just to understand how our      
“ Responsive mechanic” works inside us.

And maybe, we get to discover better ideas than just being right?

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