11 December 2016

Do you oil bath?

Oil bath.
An activity that highly recommended as part of the routine with the Ashtanga practice.
I put it as an activity, because, it takes time & effort to go through the whole process.

Yesterday in the conference, Sharath did mentioned about oil bath again.
Good for muscles soreness.
" Just apply, don't massage" he emphasized.

I've been oil-bathing myself couple of times with coconut oil.
And i love it. Its relaxes my muscles.
Who don't enjoy warm oil on skin, on a tired body? ( though i know friends who don't enjoy putting oil on skin)

So, I've also heard enough tales about using castor oil.
Thicker than most other oil, therefore more effort needed in the application step.

No soap is good enough to completely clean off the oil. Rather a dual mix of herbal powder is recommended for cleaning.

And the final thing i heard about the effect: You will feel tired, so get some rest after castor oil bath.
So, today is a good day. No practice.
I decided to give castor oil bath a try, since i already have what is needed in the house.

Warm up the oil. Prepared the herbal mix for cleaning later.
The thick oil does not spread on the skin easily, it takes just a little more time.
I excluded my hair, I'm not ready for it yet.

Wait for 15 mins.
( I practically remain standing and walking around in the room. )

Ah! Time to wash!

Warm water shower using the herbal mix.
Clean & scrub the bathroom floor as the herbal mix was splattered everywhere.
( and got stuck on the tiles)

How do i feel?
My skin feels good though, soft and smooth.

Do i feel tired?
Yes, a little.
But am not sure was it the direct
effect from the castor oil bath, or from too much washing after the oil bath... or maybe, its my nap time!

For a regular oil bath, i will still prefer using coconut oil.
For a once-in-a-blue-moon oil bath, i will go for castor oil!

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