29 December 2016

Hi & Bye! #operationshanti #joannemdm #shirlymdm #2016

Among many hi(s) and bye(s), i guess nothing can be as uplifting on arrival & emotional on departure with the kids of Operation Shanti.

Today marked the last visit of Operation Shanti of my two buddies-- Jo & Shirly. 

While i still have 2 more months to burn with them, witnessing their farewell wasn't easy for me too. Every season, we sink deeper, and it is getting more tricky to pull out. We are more involved with their engagements & activities.
Over the years, we watched them changes as much as they observed our changes.

We know they are growing up and doing well when the older kids finally pronounced our names pitch-perfect!

Jo- Han ---> Joanne 
Jelly ---> Shirly
ABC mdm ---> Adeline 

Personally, i could never imagine completely what they are going through inside.
Probably with the older kids, when sometimes they would express their thoughts during proper conversations.

Of course, vice versa, they would throw us with many innocent questions about our life back home. And could never imagine the bigger world beyond their reach ( at the moment).
With the awesome tuition teachers
 This evening, sitting at a corner watching them rushing up & down preparing for their tuition classes, Shirly & I thought, " I wonder how will they be like in 10 years time....."

" Happy journey to Singapore Joanne mdm & Shirly mdm"
Today they had the longest goodbye to Jo & Shirly.

" No drama, no crying."
* That didn't happen as planned.

" Happy journey to Gokulam Adeline mdm, see you next year ( 2017)"
* They are really cheeky & tricky!

See you 2017 kiddos, let's finish up the painting together!


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