01 January 2017

2016 ----> 2017

We always move forward, even it doesn't feel like it. 
Even with every setback, we may feel like stepping back;  it is also part of the process to move forward. 

Those were the words my teacher, James highlighted during the last few coffee sessions before i headed to Mysore.
I guess, that pretty much sums up my year of 2016!

2016 hasn't been easy, but it has been smooth and fulfilling. Many things happened, and i did have to work doubly hard than i planned to, just to make this year end trip happen.
Always thankful for the good people around me who made me feel damn lucky!

I've always hear others hopping for a better next year. Or even accumulating years of resolutions, which probably remain untouched till the following year.
I used to believe in resolution, and finding myself getting a long list of " have- not- do- list'.

The more i look at it, the more i felt that I'm going to regret living a life like this.

So i stopped. I stop listing down resolution, i stop hoping a better year ahead.

I had a good year, and it cannot be better than the way it unfolded for me.

I am looking forward to having more opportunities and necessary changes in my life.
And all i ask from myself as a reminder, is to be firm with my boundaries and enjoy the process.

 ---- No social party in the process, i slept through, very well rested:) -----

On the first day of 2017, 

Headed to Operation Shanti for play time with the kids. 

I first met them when i was 22, and now I'm 30. 
Every time when i looked at the older kids, i'm amazed by how fine and well they have grown up to be. 

Given a conducive environment & proper education, any kid from any birth background can excel in their life--- when they are willing to work hard for it. 
And this applies to us, grown- up adults too.

Isn't it? Just that along the way, we forgotten about it & cries how life has been treating us badly.

To get a little more introspective, just few days before,
I've friends gave birth to lives & people who passed on. 
Everything happened too quickly, and the whole process was too surreal. 

And that we are all in the process of living and dying. 
I do not wish to have another death to remind me how much we should appreciate each breath we are taking.

On the last day of 2017, 

I wish we all have become a better version of ourselves from today, Happy New Year folks!

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