13 September 2016

What if... no one came?

What if no one came?
What if just one student turned up?
" What would you do?"
Would you cancel the class and send that one student who appeared at the door away?

Would you continue the the class as usual?
Are you going to feel upset & pathetic about the situation for the empty space?

Or decide to be happy and focus on that one who make that effort to appear?

Maybe you will get frustrated about those who didn't put the practice as top priority?

Maybe you can understand and respect everyone's priority in life at a moment is personal? 

" Investing energy on those who show up. Those who didn't, don't matter. "
I do learn my own ways of doing things through many many ups & downs. 
Gaining that immunity to teach the way i intended to regardless of situation.
"Everything in Equanimity ", I always keep this in mind, in attitude.  

Full house or empty room, the door is still open, I will still be at the same place, doing my thing.



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