19 July 2016

The alarm clock inside went off--- i decided to ( stop snoozing) wake up.

I've been known as " the old soul" for the longest time that i know; among friends and peers.
And i often have to remind myself that I'm not that old!
I'm just being more reflective:)

I am convinced that everyone has an alarm clock inside us.
Mine went off just a little earlier and louder.

When it rings--- we either snooze it, or we wake up and move. I knew exactly who I was before my alarm went off.
I knew that  girl, who hated homework and tuition;
who loved to day dream and watch time passes everyday;
who was frustrated trying to understand numbers and formulas;
who look forward to school only to be with friends;
who enjoyed so much but work so little... ...
Until the alarm rang, one day. So loudly that i got a shocked and woke up since.
Somehow, I didn't want to play my time away, anymore.
Somehow, I wanted to explore the potential I see in myself.
Somehow, I really had enough of how bad others ( myself)  had made me felt.
Somehow, i told myself that I can be better.

People around you are going to doubt you. They are going to test you. All the time, anytime.
Friends, peers and even family.

To me, those doubts are distractions and chatters.
If we give too much attention to them, our intention and focus will be diluted in no time.

We cannot control what they want to say about us.
I cannot control how i feel about them. 
They cannot control how we feel about ourselves. 

I heard my alarm. They didn't.
Till they heard theirs. We will meet again.
 I was the girl who chose to ignore the alarm, and snooze on.
I can totally understand why i did that, and why i continue to snooze.

I am the same person, who got a shocked and decided to response to the alarm by waking up.
I can totally understand why i did this, and why i continue to be awake. 

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