05 July 2016

Are you that demanding freak too?

It has indeed been a long while since my last blog post. 
Been busy, most importantly enriching too. 

Every yoga class is like a mind battlefield to me--- of course not forgetting the ample opportunities for me to understand about one another.

Investing more time learning under the belt of my teacher, he who loves to flip ideas, perceptions & traditions. Loads of information in need of digestion. 

" Patience". That's what he always say. 

It is way easy to demand. 

But how about letting go?
Loosening the grip?
Closing one eye and give it a pass?
 In today's society, we are spoiled brats & the pampered royals.
We, who are unconsciously wired to think that the world has to compromise to our worlds.

If we want to demand, there are thousands of dissatisfaction we can pick on.
We will always be looking for faults, imperfection, the chipped corner, the hairline crack... anything.

Go to the market, pick up the first orange. What do you look at?
Go to the florist, you pick up a rose. What do you look for?
Go meet a friend, on the first conversation. What do you talk about?
For the past years, i caught myself red-handed too quick to demand and drop complaints.
But when it comes to giving compliments,  i would take forever. 

Honestly, when i realized my own behavior, i didn't like it.
I didn't like how i jumped into conclusion without taking any effort to understand.

I stopped.
I stop myself rushing into my tenancy. And i decided to reverse.

I decided to make an effort to take note of the service people who had done well;
Remember their names and write in compliment notes via social media.

I decided to be that customer who will go to them, look at them and tell them " thank you".
I want to be that patron who will try to first understand when things didn't go too well, and then feedback.

A smile always work better than a frown.
A compliment always work better than a complaint. 
An act of love always win an act of ego. 

Why not do it different, do it better?

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