08 December 2014

Staying within mat space.

On our second week in Mysore, we started the week with LED class. The thought of heading to a LED class in the shala can gets my adrenal pump up the night before. I was discussing with Shirly the time we need to get out of the house, with an intention to get comfortable spot to practice ( i wouldn't use the word " good spot").

We headed out while the AM is still dark, and joined the small crowd sitting in further up closer to the door. Still good, we are probably at the 3rd tier, enough to get into the main practice area.

Going to a LED class in Mysore to me resembles attending a rock concert. The gate opens, everyones rushed in during the transition from the previous class. It was pretty crazy, expect that the noise was kept to the minimum--- the action surely didn't justify it. 
Mat to mat? Oh yeah, sometimes even mat overlapping mats. If we got considerate neighbours...great! 
Having that mutual awareness for the presence of one another ( left, right, front & back)--- no fret about having feet zooming into the face ( which i got it today) or getting some kicks during practice. 

If Mysore style class is more about getting into a focused and undisturbed practice-- in an environment of distractions ( people moving up and down, doing different stuff of their own practice);

Then Led class would be more about expanding that awareness to the surrounding while still keeping in the game. David Swenson once said, " Whatever it is, stay within your mat space---Asteya/ non-stealing."

I am used to extending my arms from the side and upwards. But when i came here, i can't--- i mean... i can still extend my arms sideways like i used to...

That means the chances of slapping my neighbours are there too. 
So, i changed my habit to suit the environment while still keeping up with the flow.

Some people may start comparing the level of comfort of the practice from the studios where they come from and here in Mysore. 

All i can say is... everything here, is part of the practice too--- its comes in a whole package!

Its India, just enjoy!

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