07 December 2014

Learning through un-expectation.

Expectation, is kind of like screwdriver.
That incarnate the capability to screw up our learning progression.

Everyone of us has got different palm size, we can only hold that much handful at any one time. However, we tend to take others' palm size and bench marked it against what we have.
That expectation, screwed us up.

We see things that is unreal, yet we think its real.
Making a fuss of what didn't happened, forgoing a chance to appreciate what already we have.
Thinking about the non-exisstential of the past & future that we can't get hold of anyway;
Why not experience whatever is given in our hands of the present moment?
In the past, i used to believed being having a positive outlook in any situations. I decided to drop the idea of being positive. Not that i'm total against this concept, but it didn't really serve the root purpose at the end of the day, really.

We could keep persuading ourselves into being positive, standing behind that lens doesn't solve the root issue on the other side. Isn't it a kind of delusion too?

Isn't those two are a kind of expectation set by others' which could be very subjective to each?

Instead of see-sawing between negative & positive, why not break those lens of delusion and come sense with the reality?

With perspective--- learning through un-expectation, maybe?

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