03 December 2014

A promise to myself.

I guess, my new year started when i stepped into Mysore few days back! 
So, happy new year to me!

It's sure a good feeling that i've realised that i'm happier not living closely to the timeline and calendars--- instead, i do appreciate better when i live in moments and episodes. 

Before coming into India, my friend Daniel asked me if i've done the things i wanted for the year---
for the first time, i can totally dive into a big YES! All the things i'd been longing to fulfilled, i've done so.

I also made a little promise to myself, if given a chance to re-enter the same situation that i didn't handled well in the past--- i would want to take the chance to bridge whatever i acquired on the mat to make any relationships a little sweeter this time. 

" Leave the world a better place than you first entered."--- that's my motto for the year.

When i used to have conflicts with my family especially--- i found myself constantly has to fight my way to get their full understanding of me. However, i do realised eventually was that--- i just simply didn't understand myself enough to understand them. 

Instead of leaving the gap between my daily practice on the mat and my actual life-- i want to nurture a supportive nexus within myself, and moving forward to create a more harmonising connection with the people in my life. 
My piece of world is much bigger than i thought, than i can perceived. 

It has been working well for me so far, getting my friends and family involved in the activities that i wanted to do; gave me a good chance as an invitation to a part of my world--- and they showed me theirs--- each our planet expands a little through sharing. 

There are people who appreciates me;
and there are people who depreciates me.

We all have a choice to be who we want to be with. 

Coming to Mysore was not a snap it easy choice--- its a seed that i decided to plant it and grow towards the blossoms throughout the year. 

This time, i felt really appreciative towards how my parents started to be a little supportive than the past trips, getting understanding from students for respecting the importance for a teacher to study---
all this little things do settle my emotions quicker than before. 

How do i feel being back in Mysore? Cosy home feeling. 

Just within couple of days here, its been such a good offer to meet i call them 
 " off the track" people--- folks may not know what they really really want right now, keeping themselves off the track opens up many opportunities and possibilities.

We share our stories, and our world expands a little:)

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