17 December 2014

3rd Week in Mysore: In & About

Days kind of glide pass quickly, and its already my 3rd week in Mysore. What's the best thing i do without--- watch. 

Back home, i could throw quick glances at times from various places--- my watch ( if i'm wearing on on that day), the clock on my mobile, the clocks in the train station and the digital ones on the screen.

I literally could feel " chasing after time".

For the past 3 weeks, besides keeping track of the strict schedule of my yoga practice at the shala--- i basically breeze through my days feeling " on time all the time"--- vinyasa---- everything in synchronisation. 

Growing up in a bustling small city, it took me about 1 week to settle in for the many " waiting" moment. Waiting: to get a mat space ( 1- 1.5 hrs), for the food, for the electricity to power up ( they had improved, power trips in less now).... which did took a while for my patience to settle in. 

This trip, less of " Out & About"... rather more of " In & About".

Why make so much effort to Mysore when i could have get my practice done back home?
I have to say, because it does make a huge difference. If you have been to Singapore, you may have experience how overwhelming distractions can be.

I'm still on a long road of the learning journey, i'm brutally honest that my absorption ability is greatly limited.
Injecting myself into the community in Mysore for short-term, carrying an intention to travel further and deeper into the other untouched corner of my inner world.

Does it worth the effort making a trip to Mysore, while stopping the flow of income and comfort?
Why do yoga,  its way too difficult? The practice is demanding, the poses are crazy... why bother doing it?

Those who were seen dancing 
were thought to be insane by
those who could not hear the music.

I particularly love this sentence by Friedrich Nietzsche. For we who understood, do not bother to further explain. For those who don't understand, any explanation would be redundant. 
Life is just self-explanatory. We don't talk through it, we experience. 
We don't choose either the easy or difficult task. We choose to do the right thing.
Picking the right thing neither necessarily is challenging nor easy--- its taking the next step that creates ripples of love ( not fear). 

I was reading this page by Malcolm Gladwell--- while he was exploring the idea of " desirable difficulties."  
In it, he mentioned that " to overcome a hurdle, we will overcome it better when we are force to think a little harder."

Whether we are talking about the " disgustingly challenging" poses planted through the whole yoga sequence; or in life...
When we spend a little more effort and a little more time for a moment, we are receiving better chance of making a right choice for ourselves. 

We have all the time in the world to do the things we find meaning in doing.
We've no time to spare for the things we don't connect with. 

I guess in the relativity of time, we all experience this... always. Don't you?

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