23 February 2014

Just a little more of everything.

.... As we shed the skin of a kid into running the life of an adult...
i have to agree that it can be quite tiring at times. 
The period when we learn how to pick up responsibility, but
nobody taught us how to put in down. 

.... Ridiculously how we are supposed to follow rules....
yet putting an expectation for out-of- the- box mindset.
The contradiction environment we are living in,
can really tear us apart.

... While being pressured to live in dualities...
We need a little more of every other things.

We need a little more love for ourselves,
and a little more appreciations towards others.

.. a little more silence within us,
and a little more humanity around us.

 .. a little more time of nothingness,
and a little more open to perspectives.

.. a little more sweetness to the morning air,
and a little more of peaceful night sleeps.

..a little more of smiles & eyebrows lifts,
and a little more of uncontrollable laughters. 

..a little more of courage for our dreams,
and a little more faith in the universe.

..a little more strength to move through bad times,
and a little more compassion for yourself.

..a little more deep breaths,
and a little more lightness in our footsteps.

... a little bit more of everything, 
and a little more of happiness everyday. 

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