06 February 2014

A life of appreciations, how's that?

One of the longest and strongest relationship i am in till today is with my personal practice of yoga.

Like many other relationships, this has become my closest and most private friend--- that many times, sailing through heaps of vulnerability with it--- that also makes the relationship getting stronger and stronger each time.

Putting aside the factor of highly challenging physical aspects of the practice, over the years it had taught me so much. Lessons of wordless language--- mostly by observation and experiential. And this, time plays a huge part of it.
Time reveals everything, how true is this. 
Though my daily practice hasn't have much drastic changes, I felt like i've been through waves of evolution within me. I learn to let time unfold what life has to offer, and see things, situations and people in many layers.

Detachement, a big word that has been with me as long as i've been in the practice. What i once understood as, was actually not it should be. As my practice progress, i progress mentally too.

And this, takes time for the experience to fall into place.

Letting go, is probably one of the most difficult word to understand--- forget about even trying to explain it in words. 

As Sri Pattabhi Jois famous quote : Practice, practice, practice and all is coming.
Sometimes, too much words may just hinder the learning process.
One learns the zest of yoga by experience it personally--- therefore the lesson is complete only within each of us.

One of the biggest part of the practice i've learn in recent years is living a life of appreciations. 
I first learn to appreciate myself for making the effort and time into my daily practice. 
Thus i too appreciate the overall health that allows me operate my days and making my dreams come true.

From the seed of appreciation i planted in myself, it slowly grows towards me being grateful for the people who has always been around me--- even the taxi that decided to pick me up whenever i flight along the street.

The last part was probably the slowest, that i extend my appreciation towards situations that got me upset.
In my most difficult times, it take me long long time to make peace with myself and once the wisdom of appreciation sets in, the knots and grasps released and flew away by itself.

Now, i've got more space to contain the better things in life.:)

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