22 February 2014

Doing the thing you THINK you cannot do!

There come some transitions in the yoga practice that requires one important ingredient: Courage. 
 I come across students, whom already acquired a good level of physical strength, yet not able to transit 
smoothly into he next pose. While they are technically capable, most of the time mentally handicapped--- even in myself. 

Most of the time, the mind had already decided the outcome-- and thus the physical will fulfill the message. When we allow time for fear to set into the mind, we cannot accomplish many things. 

However, when repeatedly learn to bring our focus to the outcome first, the mind will automatically work its way to it. 

And all this, happens in a blink! 

All we need, is a sudden gush of courage, and tell yourself--- Just go!

The same things applies towards many decisions we make in our life.

Recently, i've heard many of my friends around me changing working environment, stepping out of the usual routine to execute their dreams, and who are looking into moving to another stage of their career options. 

I love hearing them making changes, and explore into the unexpected. Because going into the unknown that makes us more alive--- and more courageous.

There's always nothing to lose, because no matter what the outcome is--- we walk through those doors a better person, we learnt something useful. 

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