02 February 2014

A short note of Spring: You are never the same person again, ever!

Happy Chinese New Year dearest folks!

Loving how the few gloomy weather had drastically bloomed into Spring on the first day of lunar year. The sun and the warmth, with the gentle wind blowing across the land.

While Shirly too had started going to The Yoga Shala for morning practice with me, its been great for both of us to learn from a common teacher again!

Having the extra morning coffee time to share our thoughts and ideas is a privilege. I guess as the years sail by, we learnt how to priorities and straddle our schedule between teaching and learning---

Thinking back, it was funny how both of us slumped down on the chair all burnt out; or not knowing what to do with too much extra free time. I'm glad that we have been looking out for each other-- so we at least are walking towards a more balanced schedule.

In the recent last few mornings, while having a discussion on how the scene in the yoga industry has move so fast-- which at the same time many practitioners are getting confuse with what the market is offering right now. That has been viewed as a huge fat pie, and everyone trying to get a slice -- particularly towards the flourishing teacher training courses.

Who has been around for long, and who are the opportunist--- the line was pretty clear. While the focus of the practice is moving from spiritually purpose to commercial reasons. 

Innocent deers are lured into this big trendy cave, banging all around the wall... long enough to realized: what they thought was not what it appear to be. Coming out of the cave, more lost.

The more we are expose to the many other versions of true knowledge, the more confusion we experience within--- but, there will come a point of clarity one day. 

If we dig long and deep enough, that our hunger for pure knowledge lasted long enough till the impurities to sink down to bottom.

It may seems like we are going one big round, and coming back to the same spot. But to me, this is a necessary process.
Shirly mentioned that: Every thing that we have been through, even the smallest sweat, we come out of it, never a same person again. 

Never a lesson would be well learn, until one go through the hassle of learning it himself.

Every door we walk through, even its the same door... but every time we walk through again, we are another person of ourselves.

i've come to realize that we can't really spoon feed a person if one do not know how to open his mouth. Till the hunger is experience, one will naturally open his mouth and feed himself. 

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