06 March 2013

No such thing as ' common sense'

There is no such thing as " common sense". I used to thought there was, but no... there isn't.

From child, i really thought that we have something call ' common sense', as told & taught by our teachers, peers and parents. And if one doesn't react accordingly as being ' common sensible', is consider weird, silly or stupid.

As i grow up, i starts to break free from this ability call ' common sense'. Because, personally, i begin to realized that being ' common sensible' is build upon the creation of others' expectation on us. We have to react according to the expected or so- called politically acceptable behavior of the others, then we are normal. At the same time, this set of expected reaction build walls of fear of being ourselves and different.
We have the 5 senses, of which, each carries a purpose of its existence. However, " common sense' is not a sense of any function, is a creation in the mind of others into us; and we into others. It makes us want to be acceptable socially by living in mind of others, fitting into their set of puzzle, being with the norm.

What's common for one mind, is uncommon for the other. What's normal for one person, is abnormal of the others'. Drop the 'common' and be the 'sense'. So long as our behavior is authentically from us, and making full sense to us; it may be total nonsensical to others.

Who cares? If the others wants to understand it, they'll ask. No worry.

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