12 March 2013

Gaining strength by Letting Go.

Being persistent and being rigid is a hairline of difference. The difference of letting go, the key of allowing the situation to flow on its own direction.

We all have dreams; no doubt there is one particular big dream that we are working on right now. When we look back, we've come so far, the dream remains a dream, hasn't been realized the way we had once imagined. Now, this precious dream is becoming a nightmare, somehow it didn't work out realistically . We begin to develop resistance towards all other things to protect this dream, fighting hard to keep it alive, at least its breathing in the mind. 

Maybe its time to let go.
We commonly misunderstood the meaning of letting go. Letting go of something, does not mean giving up. Does not mean waving a white flag of surrender. It means granting freedom to both the dream and ourselves. To liberate the dream for the way it wanted to be, and giving us a breather to really see what's the reality is like.
In my previous blog posts, i wrote about how we need to be persistence to realize our dream, no matter what others' got to say & if we have that faith, just press on.
We too need to strike a balance between holding on, and letting go. Between the ideal and realistic. 
Sometimes, we can get lost in our own dream, without us knowing it. This can be destructive. 
When we can't tell apart the imaginations created in the mind, and the real world.

It is like being on drugs. A small amount of cough syrup can relive us from the problem, stay in bed and get well. If overdosed, our world become drowsy & light minded; we lost the ability to operate properly; Which is not good.

Ego. An egoistic mind will convince you that letting go is a sign of weak; that the others' are going to laugh and smirk at this sign of weaknesses; that everyone is waiting for this failure. But that's no true, at all!
If anyone had experienced the process of letting go, one will know the power of it. The person who learns to let thing go, is so much stronger & wiser than the one who endures it. Releasing the grip, doesn't mean you have to break that dream; you can always return to it after a reality check.

Imagine you are in the river, swimming against the river towards Point A ( your ideal destination);
but no matter how much strength you used to  swim, its seems like your in the same spot. You're energy ( your resources/ capital ) is depleting, but your mind is sees only Point A, nothing else. 
You get frustrated, thinking why things doesn't work the way you wanted; why so much of the effort and sweats are not getting you any closer. 
Because, you are busy just looking at your destination, but fail to see what's really the situation you are in.

Let go. Get out of the river, and see what's really happening; The river is flowing against your destination. Let go of this river, get over it and go for other options. 
Know where your dream is located, and travel to the river that will flow you to your designated place. 

As much as we need the mind, it is important to know when not to listen to it.
Once i read a line somewhere on a Facebook post " Too much positive thinking leads to negativity". That's how our mind can help us at a appropriate level, and how it can destroy us if overdose.

When realizing our ideal fantasy, we need to always do reality checks. Chasing dream is like running a marathon, we have to constantly check the condition of our body while allowing the mind to motivate us. People who got trashed by the run are usually those we listen to the mind too much.

"Go, just keep going. The pain in the knee is nothing, strong mind strong body. Think about the goal, don't think about the pain in the knee. Everything is alright!" 
So you kept running, till you heard a "PoP!" from your knee, and fell down.

Ligament torn. No running, just rest, goal not reach. 
Who's the winner? The egoistic mind had just tricked you.

Pace and adjust the goal accordingly, be flexible.
There's no one way to solve a problem. There are many routes to reach a goal. The universe is helping, you just have to open to them.

A strong person is one who has the capability to pick up, hold and let go of things. He who is strong enough to persist & soft enough to let things happen the way it is. 

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