28 March 2013

Read a person like a book. Never enough.

Have you ever notice your reading pattern when you have a book in your hand?
I choose books by its covers, yes... we all do. most.

While most of the people i know likes their books to be new, hard covered, anti- dog ear, clean, nicely printed, sharp bladed pages... I'm just the opposite.

I prefer books that looks old, that has been flipped by strangers' hands, that the pages are yellowed, soft side pages, roughly cut, soft and frail book cover. I find that old books have better quality stories to share, and that it appear to be more mature and friendly to talk to and gentle to touch.
In some books i had, there are many dog- ears. I don't mind it at all, it leave behind the traces of previous readers' on their preferences; some even made notes and underlined sentences.

Don't mind the book cover, i approach a books from the very first page, the very first line. I don't have a habit of scrutinized each and every word, i scanned through it rather quickly... high lighting some nice sentences with a pen ( yes, i read with a pen), and fold the corner of the page;

I'm an impatient reader, if the story gets too draggy... either fast forwards a few pages or, jump straight to the last few pages. And returning to where i stop, pretty random.

Knowing a person is like reading a book. You never ever understand it thoroughly as you thought you would. Some books has good cover, bad content. Some with tattered cover, great content.
One can judge a book by not the covers, not just by reading a few sentences, not by picking chapter or pages to read, not even if you read every word of the book.

If you realize, that each time when you re- read that same book, the meaning sort of changes. And each time, we pick up something new to learn from the same old book. Why?
The book hasn't change, its we who has change. The way we look at situation, our perspective has change; that's makes the content becomes more dynamic.

Its a good thing, i feel. The ever expanding perspective makes our life interesting and meaningful. We tend to have a habit to be too quickly to rest an opinion on others; too judgmental. I do, sometimes.
The good thing is, every time i withdraw  myself of being too judgmental, i open myself to another level of perspective; and i learn something.

Every book has a story to tell; every person has a story to share. There are some i particularly attracted to, and there are handful i do not have a bit of interest yet.

Each book has the power to influence your inner thoughts; every person has the ability to influence some part of us.

We have the freedom, and authority to choose what we want to input in our well- being; who we want to gain access to our life.

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