23 February 2013

Living in Perception & Expectation

Finally I've got a breather to catch up some time for myself. Haven't been able to sort out the information jammed up in my head. 
Zoning out at the corner of a bench in Starbucks, I was recollecting the morning conversation with friends over breakfast.

We were talking on various topics... Of which one is pretty interesting. How Living  in perception & expectation makes us struggle an unhappy with ourselves. We like to operate our life in our mind. The fairy tales, the story that we drafted out the way we want it to be. 

But when out heart brings us to the reality, we find it challenging to comprehend. We create a delusion to live in, long enough to trick us that it is the reality, and it can be the reality. 
But constantly, we try to match the story creates in the  mind with the situations we are actually facing everyday; we battle with ourselves. 
And now, we are confuse which is real and which is not. 

Nothing is real. Nothing in this world that you can see with your eyes, smell with your nose, hear with your ears, taste with your tongue & touch with your skin is real. 
The externals information is a collection centre for the mind, to create & generate perception from past memories and experience. 

The only thing that is real happens when you can see without the eyes, listen without the ears, taste without the tongue, smell without the nose & feel without the skin is real. 

That's being at the present. Where the mind is asleep, our consciousness is awake. When we are neither analyzing nor thinking, our awareness increases. 

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