01 February 2013

Why the decision to practice yoga?

Every time when i meet people who keep going to their yoga class, i always have this urge to ask them... Why? Many of WHYs...

Why the decision to start yoga? Why the regularity of the practice? 
Why do it? Why not go do something else? Why not the other places? Why here?

I even ask these questions to myself, sometimes. And my reason keep changing at different stage of life,  or at different level of my personal practice and experiences. And at every of that moment, that reason was my truth. But as time passes, as we grow out of the past, the present reasons is my new truth. 

This evening, i attended a home group yoga practice, on & off since the very last bit of last year. I was pretty impressed seeing the same faces. They were still there, eagerly for the practice; love the positivity!

While walking back home with one of the guy, kevin; and my curiosity came knocking again.
Why of all activities, yoga? Why still appearing every week? And, we exchanged our experiences of how yoga practice helps to connect us with the people and with ourselves.
After we parted with that conversation, i recalled Sharath once sharing his view of foreigners flocking to Mysore, from all parts of the world, to the common foyer, just for the practice. Instead of how most of us are impressed by the work of the great indian teachers/ yogis, keeping the lineage and the torch of knowledge burning;

Sharath feels the effort of the foreigners' ( where we are not born in a culture of the tradition, not to a yogi family, not greatly influence by the practice/ knowledge of yoga) for coming into the practice, is already a great deal. With weak flame of curiosity for the spiritual knowledge to start off, there must be something ( that's what i always thought, but i couldn't figure it out) that leads them here. That can also means a simple act of stepping into a yoga class for that particular day.

Which further allows me to recall, an event, even much earlier--- during the first class of my yoga training. My teacher, Master Paalu did also mention that, there must be a reason why we are on the mat, in this particular class, with these particular people. Because we were all related in some way. Sometimes, our conscious mind and our sense organs are too limited to be able to comprehend what is going on to the external arrangement.
But as the time mature, the reasons behind all these arrangement will reveals.

If we happen to meet in a class, and if i start to ask too many whys.... please share with me your stories:)!

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