25 November 2012

India, I am coming again!

For just one more day, 3 more classes to teach, i'll be all ready to transport myself to Mysore!
Somehow, i can't cap my excitement even its a repeated trip, i so look forward to it. Its more of the yoga community and culture particularly in Mysore, makes me want to go back again.
Quiet cold morning, hugging the yoga mat when the moon is still to be seen, battling the harsh wind, slipper-ing down the uneven path, a sigh of relieve the the warmness in the shala touches the skin.

Thoughts does slow down tremendously, where and when i like to really sit down at outside the room, at the top terrace, gazing far ahead overlooking a part of Gokhulam, with all those cable wires hanging and antennas planting at the roof of the houses---- where i can slowly catch my breaths and really enjoy the moment of living.
Of which, it is really quite impossible to enjoy the same kind of lifestyle over here in Singapore. When the pace of teaching schedule starts to pick up, there's a resistance to slow down. In most time, i just want to grip hold of every ends of the ropes, and be in control of everything--- be it teaching, or other arrangements. And i know, i need to learn how to loosen the grip, and just go with the flow. While floating and flowing down the river, i treasure the time i can clear the junk in my head.

For a month plus in Mysore, why getting away for so long? People always asked this question many many times. Personally, i prefer long stay at a place to rushing to see the whole country in a short period.
Technically, most yoga teachers in Mysore, accept minimum commitment of 1 month practice with them ( unlike in most cities and Singapore, there are drop- in classes, trial classes...) I like the spirit! Its an traditional way of student who wants to learn from a teacher. Commitment.
Practically, doing nothing much... is the best!

After a month plus in Mysore, with another friend--- we're going to explore the " Golden Triangle" in the North; that is New Delhi- Jaipur- Agra... you know the famous Taj Mahal . Been dreaming to go there... finally!

Packing up luggage is the last thing i like to do, i started packing just 3 days ago! The funny thing is, whenever i'm going away, suddenly there are many request for class from students. I'm squeezing myself to the last bit, and am done by tomorrow afternoon class! All ready to snooze all my way to Mysore;)

coconut, autos, rupees, chapati, panipuri, horns, noisy street, beautiful morning kirtan, great book stores, many exotic fruits, doing nothing, dust and sand, children running....

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