28 November 2012

Miracles are not given by fairy god- mother, its a sweetness of your own sweat.

Shirly and i often catch up randomly, in the middle of the day, and keep one another posted about our classes, and sharing ideas and experiences we had met elsewhere. Just before i left for India, we were talking about the students we are teaching, more of the commitment from the students, makes the whole learning experience and progression more wholesomely.

Students being students, even like myself... asked many many questions. ( I'm glad my teacher, master paalu has been very patient with me, most of the time. Siting at one corner of the studio and sharing his time to teach me.)
Many people come into yoga, to search for a miracle--- to pull them out of the agony in just a couple of irregular yoga practices. Some requesting for twice a month of practice, and hope to have their physical body magically transform; or after 10 sessions of classes want to experience heaven.

The practice of yoga, seems no end to it-- but there is. Its a long journey. Some takes at least 10years, 20 years, 30 years or whole life time... even many life times to truly understand the taste of a drop from the ocean. And this..... is commitment, strong commitment.

As much as we want basic minimum commitment from students, its not happening smoothly. Oh yes, that's life... we can't always get what we hope we want it to be. I resume my teaching this year in March, and paused all classes in november. And yes, a mixture of students who appear on their mats every week; and some like chocolate chip cookies ( i see you, and now i don't). And yes, there's a thick line of difference of progression.

There's no comparison here. Miracles happens through strong commitment of hard work. Miracles is not given by fairy god- mothers, they are given by ourselves. With commitment, without expectation of the result... miracles will happen at the time we least expect. With expectation, it'll not happen.

Like what shirly shared with me this line from Prem & Radha during her training in Bali:
One will not understand the importance of being committed to the practice, till they are committed to their practice. 

And yes, i never understand why we need to practice as regularly as daily, till i did it myself before. So, when i find myself started to lose my practice to putting most of my time to other stuff. I know i need to get back on track and question myself again... what do i really want.

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