27 November 2012

Back in "home"!

It good to be back (home)! I don't know why, there always this fuzzy feeling and excitement; and also breaths of calmness i am getting from the Mysore community. Though this isn't my first trip, each trip does help to open my inner doors... one by one.

Here... right here... the feeling of familiarity being in this land of spices is coming back to me again. Flows of thoughts, motions, movements, scenes; both of which i used to take them positively and negatively are surfacing.
The difference is, i kind of feel that this time, am a little more mature to be abel to handle my own stuff, bit by bit.
This year hasn't been as smooth as i thought, and its both of a thunderstorm and plateau i was surfing on. Within me, i slowly understand that there are some decisions i strongly want to stand upon, even nobody agrees with me. There's some impressions ( samsakra) i'm dying off to uproot all of them from my back garden.

Its truly good to be back here, not sure how my progress will be like, or i'm even able to untangle some knots--- but am surely is more clear of who i am, where i am going, who i want to associate with and who i want to be with.

I'll face my own destiny with courage, no body will and can do it for me.

A little about the story with Baggy....
During our first trip to Mysore in 2009, buggy was a new puppy in the house where we were staying ( Anu's Bamboo Hut).
We first met him unofficially, when this black puppy ran into our room, while were doing our practice, which the room door was wide open. Imagine, a dog ran around the room, while we're in downward facing dog pose! He must has mistook us for his playmates.
Buggy was a puppy only in age, physically like a grown- up dog. So, he was playful, very playful... pouncing on people, when he get real excited and happy, he's jump on me... too heavy for me to handle. So i got very caution about this puppy.

I always went behind shirly, so that she could take cover, distract the dog and i would run up to the room. Sometimes, baggy seemed to know that, and he ran after me... never fails, that i closed the door with my heart beating like mad!

After 3 years, here i'm back again. This dog has sure o grow up like a man. Though he's still too big size for me to handle, when a few attempts he wanted to jump on me. But i guess, i feel less scared now... understanding his hype. 

 Trying to take a snap with him ( Azyan was working hard on that).
 And then, he got so shifty, and moving around. I don't know whether he want to kiss me or bit me. Ganesh said he don't bite, so he must have been trying to kiss me...haha! Anyways, buggy has got a big face, i shunned off!
Then, he had got enough of me, turned his back, and went back into the house!
Buggy, you're still a cute dog!

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