27 May 2015

Transiting through daily news: All these too shall pass

It's one of those days, transporting myself from one place to another.
The time spent in carriages has occupied much of my schedule.
While the whole transiting are happening, i took out my 5s nonchalantly like anyone did.

Just having the palm-sized phone in my right hand, i operated those functions like a pro.
As my thumb swiftly swished in a vertical motion lightly across the screen---- i glanced speedily for a quick updates about the news around the globe.
Good news. Bad news. Good news. Bad news. Bad news. Bad news. Good news. Good news. 

And I thought. 

Just at any one time, somebody is causing harm.. 
Another person, somewhere out there, is giving love.

Within breaths, someone is born....
And another being touches death. 

In some corners, some are crying in sorrow...
Others are tearing in joy.

A handful fell...
A few rose.

The universe does has it own way to keep everything in balance.

Every wickedness creates opportunity for kindness.
Every decency crafts a gap for immoral.

What we fail to see, does not determined any conclusion.
Why not drop those frames in our mind... and let's see?

Everything is transient. The only unchanging element is transient.
Just like how we transport ourselves from different locations.

As my cousin used to say: And all these too shall pass.

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