04 June 2015

When success lies in the tries of many failures, would you still do it?

Jump and fall over. Just fall over.

This is what my teacher would always say. Always.

My both palms flat on the mat.
Head lifted just enough to focus my gaze at an invisible spot just at the top center in between the palms, forming a triangle.
Beads of sweat eagerly skiing down my nose bridge. Every breath carried a great deal of intensity.

 Ok. All i have to do is to bring my both feet.. from behind my palms to the front. 
So, if i miss the balance on the handstand, i will end up with a backbend.

I rehearsed what could possibly happen when i take that flight.
Replayed it many times mentally. A few more times quickly when i was making last-min adjustment to my hands--- just to get the most comfortable position.

The fear of falling can be quite choking.
But being afraid of that fear ( of falling) is worst.

I jumped. Past by the balance point. Fell over to the over side.

Oh...OK. That's not too bad actually. Not that frightening as what I've imagained. 

I stood up and smiled at my teacher.

The time you jump both feet off, few things may possibly happen.

If you landed back to where you started... OK.
If you managed to balance in that handstand... OK.
If you fall over to the other side... OK.

Don't make it a big deal. Just try again.

When you try, things happen, shit happens too. 
If you don't try, to be sure, nothing will happen. 


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