26 January 2015

Tough love, its the relationship with my practice.

Sharath once said, “ Yoga don’t need you. You need yoga.”

Yes, I humbly take his words for whatever I had been through in the past;
and of having glimpses of clarity of knowing myself better today.

We comfortably get ourselves into one distraction after another, to cover the issues from the previous. Including the accumulation of underlying issues--- giving us a false knowledge (ajnana) of                “ Everything is OK”.

Which give us a realisation of how much we have been cheating ourselves ( asatya).

My current teacher back home, James highlighted a point,
“ Make mistakes. But make different mistakes.”
He explained that there is no point repeating the same mistake, with each time deepening the incorrect impression (samsakra) in us. 

By making different mistakes, at least, we are holding an attitude of exploring possibilities into making things better or right. Through that, we are being push out of our comfortable zone, until we are set on a right direction---
We begin to deepen the positive habits that will eventually progress us (both in the practice & well- being).

We are all beggars in life.

Some begs for materials, some begs for attentions, some begs for love.
In one-way or another, we are beggars of our own desire--- to make ourselves feel better.

In which, there is no superiority or inferiority, we are all the same, isn’t it?
Tough love, its the relationship with my practice. The more I run, the more it pulls me back—putting me into a position to face my own delusions.

Peeling layers of misconceptions, like shedding layers of an onion.
Gaining more clarity gradually--- closing the distance between what it is and our perception;
Allowing truth (satya) to smack right into my face; and I stop playing with denials.

Hitting the rock bottom, a dead end. At the weakest point, the practice teaches us how to draw strength from weakness and move on.

Instilling us to uphold as much integrity in life by having us to work hard—just enough to draw the right amount of strength within us.

James cited, “ A strong support is important.” Many teachers emphasize the essentiality of being grounded. The deeper we root ourselves, the higher we grow—that takes time. 

So how rooted do we need?
How much strength should we acquire?

At this point, I concur…
Strong enough to reject those that doesn’t serve us anymore;
Strong enough to accept the unknown coming into our lives;
Strong enough to recognize whom we are and stay firmly to our beliefs in what we are doing now even the whole world turns there back against us.

That much of a strength, I’ll have to do more chaturanga….

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