14 January 2015

Drops of nectars from the bitterness of work.

Every trip to Mysore, i went back home a different person.
Having to experience two sides of a coin in quick period, being reflective is unavoidable.

Half way through my stay in Mysore, i'm almost hitting the brim of containing what i see everyday--- i'll probably be overflowing at the end of the trip.

In fact, every morning, we woke up from the same bed; a different person from the previous night.
We walked out through the shala door, as a different person who went in earlier. With every moment passed, we shed some skin and a new layer grows.

Perception deriving by experience changes gradually as we grow. The quality of an experience lies in our hands as a decision maker. In each situation, we have the capability to decide how we want to feel-- that goes to history stories too.

The time we put on the mat, is never wasted. It is a long-term investment into the remaining years we have many lifetimes. The drops of nectar sipped into our life subtly, so subtle that we may just miss it with the overwhelming bitterness of the practice.
Down the years, look at who we are now and the person we first started this spiritual practice, do you see the small pool of nectar? Can you smell the fragrance and taste the sweetness?

On a personal journey, the practice doesn't serve purely just an interest, its giving me more that i first asked. Its a space where enquiry and feedbacks happens ( like a moment of Arjuna & Krishna from the Bhagavad Geeta)--- a guide to life.
How i view the world yesteryears and today has changed, and is changing.

Life comes in many pieces, like a puzzle. The piece of spiritual path is like an open-ended question. It has not shape yet it takes shape in any form. From my level of understanding, its still remains a stranger to me.

Spiritual or not, i don't know. i believe there's a piece that governs the puzzle of life brings us beyond and to the unseen. In a matter of fact, i'm taking the practice to be a better person than who i was, and may the people who i met gets a share of the sweetness:)

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