04 September 2013

Why home practice is good--- its challenging though.

Yesterday had a long conversation with a friend at the cafe below the shala after practice, its funny how suddenly we had so much to talk about. She was sharing with me how the inconvenient of traveling within Kuala Lumpur had sort of forced her to build up her own home practice.

Which i totally understood how challenging it can be to practice on your own. The feeling of vulnerable when all those lazy thoughts are waiting to attack the mind, " persuading" us to cut corners in the practice.

While some teachers make student dependent on them, and some teachers encourage independency.
I'm super grateful my teacher intention was to let us go and build our own practice at home.

My teacher Master Paalu once said, " Home practice is the real practice for self- discipline. Nobody will understand how much it takes to practice alone at home until they do it. For a long time."
Each time, its like a mind battling game. I've to admit that i learn so much from this process.

Now, when i travel around, the practice follows me. I don't need to find an excuse for myself because of being away from teacher. I become my own teacher, and discover so much more.

Whether being in a class or alone, both are good. It depends on what you want out of the practice. The intention.

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