02 September 2013

September the 2nd

Setting off for a travel never fails to lighten my soul. Not entirely about the travel plan itself, but just by arriving to the departure hall of the airport. Suddenly, my feet felt so feather light, while few days ago it was heavy like stepping on wet cement.

In order not to get post flight body stiffness, I deliberately woke up in the wee hour 4am to start my practice. A good body full of sweat pouring over my face and all over my body--- feels good. The morning was cool, my body was warm from the inside.

Everyone was sleeping, I had the living room all by myself. Neither did i turn the lights on nor put on my contact lens. The half- blindness vision while doing the practice in darkness was an experience.

Had a good rest at towards the end, and everything feels like simple bliss.

My mum who was persistence of sending me off, finally went to bed. I called out to her twice after I packed up everything, wanting to just notify her--- no response. Not wanting to disturb her in dreamland, I creeped out of the house like a thief. 

Bon voyage. 

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