14 January 2013

Respect your Limitation

You know, the thing about limitation can be really irony. When limitation according to our truth at that very moment, we take it as a positive form of security. When the same subject matches out truth of another moment, we take it as a negative form of suffocation.

Many books may have written that people don't like changes, we prefer a stable and stagnant life. On the other side, i do see that many people like changes, they want changes, because it makes lives more colorful, instead of just black and white.

Just look at how people switch their phone and computers, cars and houses, travels and fashion. In a blink, everything changes. And because all these material changes offers tons of options, we can sort of mix- and- match our material sheath. We like it only when we give the permission for the changes to enter our life, when we're ready to receive it. 
We like changes, we like predictable changes; we like it only when changes goes our way, the way we change it, the way we plan it should be. That's when we don't mind changes.

How about unpredictable changes? How about immaterial & intangible changes? Changes we can't touch with our bare hands? We don't like it, we rather choose to breathe within our limitation, and try to survive as long as we can. The flow of our lives, the external environment, does not ask permission. They just enter. 

Life is juvenile, it don't usually like to go the way we wanted, if we try to control it.
Just like the sea waves, the fishermen, the sailors or the surfers, they can't control the mood of the sea for their personal activities. They merely have to wait, for the suitable time for them to enter into the situation; that's then when the sea too being part of their life experiences.

Since young, my mum rejects any of our request to even get near to the shoreline. Its was her limitation, and it became our limitation too. " Sea is dangerous", that a wall i'd build around myself too. My dad, the opposition party, would sneak us out to the beach and played with the sea water. Which does slowly melt away my fear, and turned out that i love water.

The salty- bitter taste of the sea water, how small i feel whenever in the middle of the sea, the beautiful sea world down under...

Personally, i am not ready or should i break any of my limitation; rather bending the flexibility of limitation and see how far i can go without breaking it:)


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