30 January 2013

Evening Walk in Peace:)

I am slowly adjusting myself back from a mild post- india- syndrome. From India to Singapore, it is just like from one extreme end to another, in terms of public security. Besides my other habits i picked up while staying in India ( i'm sure i am not the only one:) ):

1) Getting more lost than usually, especially down in the town and switching of the trains.

2) Reminding myself that the cab i hop in is gotto be on meter ( without me asking), and just relax in the ride.

3) Not have to constantly wanting to rewash my fruits, vegetables & plates with clean water after washing them under the tap. Singapore's taps are safe enough.

4) Unwind my mental of telling myself that i can relax my lips when taking shower, its OK if the water gets into the mouth.

5) Walking in the night at peace.

Yes, the last point, is actually what i miss.  I am missing the relax state of mental when walking alone in the night, peacefully. Like taking a night stroll on my own. For two months, i did not engage in this activity.

Usually, if i'm not too tired, and the night is nice; i would alight one train station earlier and walk back home. ( I'm staying in Tampines, and i get off at Simei station). Its a route that i'm too familiar, which i can just walk home with a pea brain.

I didn't realized that i miss the peaceful night walks, until i decided to do that yesterday. That bridge, that linked from one town to the other, has never been so appreciated by me before. Instead of dragging myself up the steps like i used to, i actually enjoy the bridge for the first time.

I can put my guard down a little, and enjoyed the scenic of people doing their own things.... people are running, school kids going home, young kids playing catching game in the playground, older people working out in the open- gym, a very mini- size puppy talking a walk ( more like running, given the short legs)...

There's nothing in comparison of these two countries; because both of them makes me feels home in different parts of me. 

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