26 January 2018


Why would we expect peace in the midst of chaos?
Why would we even anticipate clarity in muddiness? 

Sukha & Dukha 
Pleasure & Sufferings
Happiness & Unsatisfactory 
Sharathji briefly mentioned that how we how to accept these duality, 
that is also part of our lives.

We can be very happy at one point, and we can also find ourselves tumbling 
down the rocky path very quickly.

Who knows whats for us next right? 
   It's interesting how much our minds work against us; 
even after all the information we have uploaded to the brain;

even how we have used up all the intelligence juice to analyse those data.
And many things still didn't happen the way we wanted.  

Almost equally, we have control over many things
as well as
many things are beyond our control.

And yet, given our intelligence,
we try to control things that are beyond our reach,
ignore those things that we have full authority over. 


Nobody like to change themselves first.
Yet we expect others' to change for us, to fit into our requests.

Our acts, thoughts, perceptions, words, 
behaviors, attitude, temperament;

So much to work on ourselves for ourselves.

For any change shall calls for a storm.
However major or minor, to go through any storms,
it required much effort, endurance, persistence and patience.
Till every particle settles. 
 What if we sees that in order for the result of sukha
we must go experience the process of duhka. 
Accepts that both states are
what make our lives alive.

All things are transient.
Even the darkest clouds will dissolute
as rain. 

Let's learn to look at our daily experience as weather;
see our life experience as climate. 

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