18 December 2015

I don't fancy C2H5OH. I am not sorry.

We are all smelling x'ams-sy, aren't we?
Presents, parties, hugs, laughter, drinkings... 

At this time of the year, friends around me get a chance to know me better on just ONE thing:
I don't fancy alcohol. I can't handle it.

In most time, i have to be up early the next day... a hangover yoga class--- Bad idea.  

If i do drink, it probably means i trust the people around me very much.

And I don't feel sorry about that at all:)

Most of my friends can handle alcohol very well.
I totally do envy them for the ability to manage the effect.

One year, I was celebrating my X'mas in India. We went to a club in Bangalore.
We ordered drinks and i wanted a fruit juice. I got stared by a friend.

 " What?! How on earth are you going to enjoy on the dance floor if you don't drink?"

I smiled.

I thought.

" Not necessary. I can enjoy better when I am clear headed."

In fact, the smell of alcoholic drinks reminds me of nail polish--- It almost feels like I'm sipping a glass of O.P.I --- hmmm... i prefer to have it on my nails:)

Initially, most friends felt more uncomfortable than me for not fitting in.
Very glad for me, that they have gotten used & respected my choices all the time.
 You have your beers and shots, i have my juice and coffee. No problem! :)

To all my dearest friends, I appreciate the respect, support and enjoyment you all had shared with me all these years. 

Many more happy time to come!


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