30 August 2015

A Library in the City, Yay!

I've heard people talking about it,
I've seen snap-shots of it on Instagram,
I've walked past it many time,
I've ignored it each time,
I've waited for the hype to reach calmness,
I've finally visit it,
Library @ Orchard,
 I'm very thankful for this birth.

I never used to enjoy reading, and somehow my dislikes & likes are swopping places as i get wiser.
 Reading = Dazing in blank = Day dreaming = ZZzzzz
Recorded in history. 

I started picking up one book and many servings one after another.
Looking forward to spend a fraction of my day in the library, especially gaps in between classes.
 Reading = Mental travels = Vocabulary income = Self- reflection = Give Me More!

 Sunday classes are always in town, the waiting period however is quite a handful to spend.
As the shops start their operations, people begin to crowd.
Me, after a whole morning of teaching is exhausted.

I need to recharge before the noon class.
Getting away from the bustle is my priority.

Dragging my feet towards the entrance, 
with a heavy bag sitting on one shoulder, i entered with a joy of relief. 
Finally! I found you!
I love parquet flooring, it feels home.
I love how the decibel drops gradually but quick enough to feel the softness of the atmosphere.
I love to window shop among the bookshelves, with nothing in particular I am looking for. 
My glances are always chasing after my ( very slow) stroll.
Among the crowd, there will always be one title that waves frantically at me.

" Once you stop looking for what you want, you will find what you need"
 I spotted it & pulled it off the shelf.

I'm grateful for the options of chair and floor seats.
Too much "chair time" gives me rigidity & backache,
Walked over to the mellow 3- tier flat surface of parquet.

Gingerly, I sat down and let out a phew!
Stretched out my legs fully... ah! Feel so much better now.
Ready to unleashed my reading fantasy!


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